Rush Slide

Max users at a height of 1.8m = 4

Width; 14.1'  (4.3m)

Depth; 20.2'  (6.15m)

Height; 15'  (4.5m)

Platform Height; 10'  (3m)


With the fully vertical drop for the first initial metre or so, the rush slide brings a real rush of blood to the body!

The Rush Slide is a large unit so please let us know if you do not have good access to your garden as we need 3 feet width in clearance to get the unit through into your garden and let us know if you have any steps going up or down into the garden.


Please remember when measuring your garden that there will be more space needed for the blower usually around the back of the inflatable and also more space will be needed to access the inflatable.

Rush Slide