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The Bugs Den

Max users at a height of 1m = 11

Max users at a height of 1.2m = 0

Max users at a height of 1.5m = 0

Max users at a height of 1.8m = 0

Unit Diemsions

Width; 20'  (6m)

Depth; 20'  (6m)

Height; 12'  (3.6m)


The Bugs den is a magnet to both little boys and girls because of its vibrant colours, attractive objects and friendly artwork. Children love little dens and hidey holes like the beehive and apple. Fun and inviting, yet easy for parents to keep an eye on their little ones. The kids can interact with the 3D snail and ladybird as well. Then there is the ball pond with ‘floating balls’ where children are constantly amazed how the balls hover mid-air. There are also Velcro objects that encourage the kids to learn and interact with each other to find the places to stick the shapes on the walls.


Please remember when measuring your garden that there will be more space needed for the blower usually around the back of the inflatable and also more space will be needed to access the inflatable.



The Bugs Den
The Bugs Den
The Bugs Den
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