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Terms and Conditions


The inflatable should not be moved once erected, nor should it be used in high winds or wet conditions. Ensure that an adult supervises the inflatable at all times and that any boisterous behaviour is stopped immediately. Do not allow anyone to sit on the sides nor climb, swing or hang from the walls or beams of the inflatable. Do not allow anyone to climb on to the inflatables roof or cover this includes scramble nets on obstacle courses which must have no one running across the top of the net.

Do not allow anyone taller than the walls of the inflatable to use it and do not over crowd the inflatable, nor allow a mix of children of different sizes. Under no circumstances should adults enter onto the inflatable as this may result in damage to the inflatable.


Shoes, jewellery, spectacles, sharp objects or anything likely to cause injury to users or damage to the equipment should be removed before use. Absolutely no cigarettes, food or drink or pets to be taken onto the inflatable. Please do not use sand pits near the inflatable and do not take sand onto the inflatable, as this is very damaging to the inflatable.


In the event of deflation of the unit for any reason it should be evacuated immediately to prevent injury to users or damage to equipment. Any damage to the equipment caused by its misuse or neglect or loss due to equipment being handed to non authorised persons shall deem the hirer liable to full repair or replacement cost in addition to any loss of business as a result of that damage.


When hiring soft play equipment the area must be clear of any hard or sharp objects. Ensure that an adult supervises at all times and that shoes, jewellery, spectacles or any objects likely to cause injury to users or damage to the equipment are not taken into the play area. Absolutely no food, drink or cigarettes or pets to be taken into the play area. All units are checked on delivery and your signing below indicates acceptance of the castle as being in good, clean condition and any equipment returned in a dirty condition will be subject to a cleaning charge.


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Setting up the inflatable;

When we come to set up the inflatable ideally we need 3 feet clearance in width to be able to get the inflatable into your garden we can get the majority of our inflatables through a standard sized garden gate and can get through tighter spaces with some of our smaller inflatables but with with the larger inflatables such as the Ocean Slide we will need a minimum of 3 feet.

We will supply extension leads of up to 50 metres to power the blower which will keep your inflatable fully inflated for the day, we will always keep the cable to the edge of your garden making sure there are no trip hazards and we can supply cable covers where necessary. If you need the inflatable to be over 50 metres away then you will need to hire a petrol blower which is an extra £30 (subject to availability).

Ideally we like to set up the inflatables on grass so we can stake them into the ground knowing they won't be taken by the wind. If there are wind speeds predicted over 24mph then we do reseve the right to cancel your hire due to the safety of the users.

Delivery and Collections;

We offer a choice of three delivery time slots; 7am till 9am, 9am till 11am or 11am till 1pm, (if you require more specific times let us know). Collections start after 5 in the evening. If you would like to hire later into the evening, let us know and we will see what we can do, but this may incur a small charge. If you would like your inflatable until late evening or for more than 1 day, we offer overnight hire. In all cases, the second days hire and every other subsequent days hire is charged at 50% the usual price.

If you are holding your event away from home, please fill out the form as best as you can and we will try to arrange delivery and collection time slots to best suit your day.


Payment is by cash or cheque on delivery. Our drivers do not carry change so if you are paying by cash please make sure you have the correct money. If you would like to pay by bank transfer, then let us know and we will send you our bank details. Bank transfers must be done 24 hours before your delivery.

What if it's raining on the day?

There is no charge for wet weather cancellation, but please inform us by telephone as far in advance of your agreed delivery time slot as possible.

Terms and Conditions;

On arrival our delivery driver will require you to sign a copy of our terms and conditions please click on this link for a copy of our current T's & C's.


We have public liability insurance up to £5m. Your household policy should cover you for private guests where no charge is being made.

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