Setting up the inflatable

When we come to set up the inflatable ideally we need 3 feet in width clearance to be able to get the inflatable into your garden we can get the majority of our inflatables through a standard sized garden gate and can get through tighter spaces with some of our smaller inflatables but with with the larger inflatables such as the Shark Attack Slide we will need a minimum of 3 feet and will not be able to fit through an average garden gate.

Ideally we like to set up the inflatables on grass so we can stake them into the ground knowing they won't be taken by the wind or topple over. If there are wind speeds predicted over 25mph then we do reseve the right to cancel your hire due to the safety of the users.


We will supply extension leads of up to 50 metres to power the blower which will keep your inflatable fully inflated for the day, we will always keep the cable to the edge of your garden making sure there are no trip hazards and we can supply cable covers where necessary. If you need the inflatable to be over 50 metres away then you will need to hire a petrol blower which is an extra £35 (subject to availability).